Approved ATOL reporting accountant

We are an approved ATOL reporting accountant which enables us to sign the annual accountant reports for travel businesses making licensable revenue and that are required to report to the CAA.

Court reports

We have experience in preparing a variety of reports for a wide range of legal cases such as capital gains reports for divorce proceedings or reporting on company litigation disputes as some examples. If you require any reports being prepared then please get in touch to find out if we can assist.

FCA Specialist Assignments

We have specialist knowledge and experience in preparing Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS) Limited assurance reports for clients who are required to report to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on client money and safe custody of assets held.

Company Valuations

We can carry out company valuations, whether this is needed as part of a shareholder dispute, for issuing new shares, or intentions for selling a company. Whatever the reason we can assist with an independent valuation based on general accepted valuation practices.